Case study



Zoomcar, is an Indian self-drive car rental company. The company was founded in 2013, with an idea to reach every part of India where the customer drives freely and as per their convenience. Their journey from a few cities to currently operating 34+ cities was amazing and great. We the Cronbay team help Zoomcar to keep their journey going and to increase their user database.

Cronbay boost up India's popular self-drive Car brand Zoomcar to increase there user base.


To target and bring new users who want to travel and looking for good and affordable options of self-drive rental cars to all available cities. And to increase the existing user engagement and experience and to be the 1st choice of every travel enthusiasm.


- To target the users who are planning for an outing or Traveling to the new cities.

- To provide all the possible options and offers to the users according to their search.

- To excite the existing customer with the offers to re-engage and chose Zoomcar for their next ride,


What we did?

We targeted the users who are using similar apps to book their travel tickets. We offer the user all the quick options to make their journey easy and tension free.

How we did?

We use our In-app and SDK inventory to promote the app on a similar vertical. We use retargeting strategies to increase the engagement of the users. With the help of the targeting tools, we targeted all the users from the same cities where the cars are highly available and booked.


Our Stategies and advance targeting helps Zoomcar to get:


5X Growth In New Users


6X Hike in Revenue Generation


3X New Happy Customers

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