Database Marketing

Database marketing involves utilizing customer data to create personalized marketing campaigns. By analyzing information such as purchase history and preferences, businesses can tailor their communication strategy to specific segments, boosting engagement and loyalty. Our expert analytics team helps you understand your data, whether for marketing insights, user journeys, or strategy and helps you segregate your customers and communicate with them effectively.

Why Do You Need To Perform Database Marketing?

Database Marketing services are a must for businesses aiming to know their customers well. Often, chasing 'big data' overshadows the value of relevant info, focusing on quantity over quality.

Our approach is different. We help businesses cut through the noise. We focus on the right data, not just lots of it. Our goal is to help you engage with the right customers effectively. We organize and make sense of data that truly matters, ensuring your marketing efforts hit the mark.

Services Offered

Line Icon  Email

Email database marketing utilizes customer email addresses to send personalized messages, fostering strong connections. By segmenting lists based on demographics or behavior, businesses tailor content for better engagement and conversions. We implement strategies to ethically collect email addresses through methods like sign-up forms and contests, among others.

Line Icon  Whatsapp

We ensure your messages reach an eager audience interested in your offerings. WhatsApp database marketing is all about connecting with customers directly through WhatsApp. Using provided phone numbers, businesses send personalized messages, updates, and offers for engaging promotions.

Line Icon  SMS Marketing

SMS database marketing is the art of sending targeted text messages using customer phone numbers, delivering promotions, updates, or personalized content straight to their fingertips. We employ ethical methods to gather contact details for your SMS marketing adventures like enticing opt-ins, exciting incentives, and intriguing sign-ups and more.

Process followed by Cronbay

Line Icon  Data collection

First, we gather important details about current and potential customers. Then, we organize this data to help the marketing team make effective decisions.

Line Icon  Data Analysis

Here, we examine data to get useful insights for marketing. We split data from current and potential customers to create targeted marketing messages.

Line Icon  Execution

Here, we create a business strategy using insights. We adjust customer communication, allocate resources, and estimate prices.

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