Oyo Case Study

Paytm First Games

First Games is India's gaming crown jewel, where real money games reign supreme. With over 6 Crore players immersed in skilful delights like fantasy sports and rummy on Paytm's exhilarating platform, First Game has harnessed cutting-edge tech for player delight. The platform delivers an epic gaming experience, enriched by captivating visuals and seamless gameplay.


To attract a segment of online players who find delight in real money games like rummy, poker, ludo and more, on a large scale.


- Ensuring law-enforced regulations are followed and a real money game platform such as First Games is only marketed to 18+ users.

- Reaching users across India while excluding the states where real money games are banned.

- We were required to boost the app’s buzz by avoiding overlap with organic traffic, giving a clear distinction between organic and paid efforts.


What did we do?

We dived into past insights, mining data from our other iGaming experiences to discover the most impactful regions to target. This strategic treasure hunt drove our ROI quest, as we moved through inventories and handpick skilled vendors for a powerhouse performance.

How did we do it?

We reached users by location and age through our tailored strategy. Using SMS, OEM, and video ads, we guided them to the app with a compelling call to action.


Our Strategies and advance targeting helps First Games to get:

Digital Marketing Growth

5X growth in the app activity.

Inventory control in marketing

70% drop in overlapping inventory.

ROI in Digital Marketing

20% increase in ROI.

Daily active users

10X growth in daily active users.

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