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PPC Marketing & Management is our specialized service that focuses on developing winning strategies to target the right audience, generate more business, boost your ROI and your brand visibility across the globe.

PPC Advertising & Management

Get to Know Better on PPC Management

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Understanding the Forms of PPC Ads

Grow your online presence with the most effective and result-driven PPC campaign management services that generate quality leads, successful conversations and incredibly make your business stand out in the market.

Why PPC Management is Important For Your Business?

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising and Management is a powerful tool that builds your brand voice in a unique way through remarkable strategies. It targets the right audience, retains customers and builds high-converting search campaigns.

Targets Right Audience

Pay Per Click advertising emphasizes the target audience based on their search behaviour, clicks and online activities on other platforms.

Easy to Measure Campaigns

PPC advertising is easy to monitor and measure Ad impressions, clicks, and conversions implemented on different channels based Read More on defined goals and create a strong action plan for your business.  Read Less

Builds Brand Reputation

PPC management incredibly builds brand reputation and visibility through a wide range of PPC strategies that drives business.

Global Brand Reach

PPC Ad management brings tremendous brand exposure, successful conversions and visibility over the Internet through Read More result-driven Ad campaigns.Read Less

Budget-Friendly Advertising

PPC Ads is one of the cost-effective marketing strategies that target the right audience, retains existing customers, Read More brings new customers and boost your brand visibility.Read Less

Flexible Testing Approach

One of the proven marketing approaches where PPC marketers create various Ads and thereby perform testing each Read More campaign to determine which campaign works effectively and brings accurate and quick results.Read Less

Brings Organic Traffic

Pay-Per-Click Ads management is an effective strategy that works incredibly with SEO, drives organic traffic and increase Read More your brand exposure through successful marketing campaigns.Read Less

Boosts ROI

PPC Ad campaign management delivers high conversion rates at the most affordable cost through Google Ads, Social Media Ads, which is more effective Read More than regular SEO methods and generate incredible revenue for your business.Read Less

Services We Offer

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Our Expert PPC marketers deeply analyse the consumer's needs through search behaviours, online activities and develop thoughtful keyphrases to capture the right audience for your brand.

Keyword research is the crucial step for a successful marketing campaign. Our team do strenuous research on competition and identify each keyword for the Ad campaign that drives traffic, sales and ROI to your business. Keywords are based on customers' search intent and behaviour.

We at Cronbay creates a rock-solid Ad campaign strategy that brings your business on top of search results. Our marketing specialist team discover keywords based on customers' needs, optimize ad campaign, develop PPC bidding strategies and track your ROI effectively.

We set up Ad campaigns to compare which strategy works best for driving successful sales conversions. Our team will create different page elements such as layout, image, headline and placing CTA. This helps in analysing the overall campaign performance and preparing the next action plan for the business.

Cronbay's specialist team strives to create appealing PPC Ads, test your landing page designs and build a form to maximize website visitors and sales conversions to your business. This can be feedback forms or surveys to optimize Ads and boosts conversions effectively.

We ensure that your products reach the target audience effectively. Our team will perform an in-depth PPC audit to engage with your potential customers across search engines that drive more traffic, engagements and revenue to your business through optimizing PPC Ads and SEM targeting methods.

Social media Ads is one of the most effective strategies that bring a huge brand exposure and customer engagements with consistent marketing campaigns. This involves paid PPC advertising services that significantly boost your brand recognition, and help you stay on top of the competition.

Our PPC services involve Nextdoor advertising that incredibly connects your brand with local customers over the Internet. This entire campaign management involves managing the Nextdoor business page, curating professional Ads based on customers' needs, an impeccably designed landing page that drives high website traffic from Nextdoor and measuring campaign performance.

Remarketing Ads is an extremely reasonable and beneficial strategy that targets a specific audience and generate remarkable outcomes through remarketing. Our specialists determine your top-performing Ad campaigns and create a rock-solid action plan for bringing back existing customers who have already expressed interest in your products and services.

Based on the Amazon Artificial Intelligence advertising system, we help your business reach the right buyers interested in your products, boost your sales and ROI in a short time via Amazon Product Ads. Our team will priortise keywords that match the customer's needs, filter out negative keywords and adjust your Ad spending based on product performance and outcomes.

Youtube Ads is the most effective and emerging way that connect with potential clients through video marketing campaigns. This marketing strategy involves curating video content that tells a unique story and builds a strong connection with the audience. We at Cronbay create thoughtful content for your brand that reaches the world. Get in touch with us.

Our specialised team adheres to SEO and PPC best practices. We strive to create impeccable landing page designs that comprise an eye-catching headline, high performing keywords, curate engaging content and place call-to-action (CTA) on the pages that ultimately drive organic traffic and sales to your business.

Our expert team will oversee the entire PPC Ad strategy, budget, target channels, competition analysis and optimising Ad campaign that generates huge traffic to your website and successful sales for your business.

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Our Expertise

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Result-Oriented Campaigns

Our dedicated marketing team has successfully implemented and executed PPC marketing campaigns for endless clients that incredibly worked out with excellent results.


Deep-Analysis of Customer's Behavior

Our expert team is well-known for analysing customers' online behaviour and building a rock-solid strategy based on the behaviour of your target audience spending time on channels.


Tapping Right Audience

Based on the analysis of customers' preferences with regards to products and services. We create thoughtful Ad campaigns on different channels at the right time that generates remarkable results.


Tried & Tested Methods

We believe in delivering excellent results considering the latest marketing trends and proven strategies to boost your online reputation, credibility, more website traffic and ROI.

PPC Marketing Price

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  • A/B testing
  • Keyword search
  • Audience research
  • Campaign creation
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion optimization
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