Oyo Case Study


From the heart of Kentucky to 150+ countries, KFC rules as the ultimate fried chicken empire, boasting 22,700+ global hotspots. Enter Cronbay: We supercharged KFC Russia, masterminding a feast of fresh customers and re-targeting the flame for the existing users. Recipe for Success!!.


To drive traffic to KFC’s app, propel engagement among existing users on the app and generate positive ROI effectively.


- Targeting users who aren’t savvy with the KFC app but use other food delivery applications.

- Diversified advertising strategy for new and existing users while assuring maximized ROI.


What did we do?

We crafted diverse ad sets aimed at untapped enthusiasts and reignited the sparks with KFC’s loyal users. We combined bullseye targeting, a symphony of engagement, and a journey of growth to garner commendable results for the company.

How did we do it?

Our creative team conjured powerful banners, sparking success. We revisited old user data and client insights, reigniting engagement and boosting ROI in the app.


Our Strategies and advance targeting helps KFC to get:

ROI in Digital Marketing

5X growth in overall ROI

Reengage KFC User

60% re-engaged users

KFC Growth

10X growth in In-app activity

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