One of the most challenging aspects of Digital Marketing or SEO is how to get backlinks for my website, particularly for small firms. In order to outrank your competition and increase traffic to your website, you must first build high-quality backlinks to it.

A backlink is a link from your website to another page or website, which is also known as inbound marketing or inbound links. Backlinks are like votes in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

How to get backlinks for free - The Best Methods

1. Posting as a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is an excellent method for obtaining high-quality, follow backlinks. Because guest blogging sites get a lot of requests, you may have to wait a few days or even months for a response from them. It's as simple as visiting a Link-able website and signing up for an account. The writers you'll find here are all highly qualified and have impressive resumes. To have a guest post published on your behalf, all you have to do is explain your website's requirements for backlinks, and other individuals will contact you with offers to help.

2. Skyscraper Method.

The "Skyscraper Technique" is another way to get free, high-quality backlinks. In the skyscraper method, length, depth, and aesthetics are the essential components.
The Technique of the Skyscraper

  • Find the greatest content that will acquire a lot of backlinks initially.
  • You now need to improve your content and get to the heart of the specialty.
  • Your material should be promoted to those sites that are linked back to the original item.

3. Analysis of the Link Gap

Conducting a link gap analysis is a straightforward approach to uncovering chances for link development. What do you think? You can simply locate all the websites that link to your competitor's site but do not connect to yours using the Ahref or SemRush tools. For example, it's quite likely that if a website links to many of your rivals' websites, it will connect to yours as well, giving you free, high-quality backlinks.

4. Update Old Content

With the aid of Google Analytics or webmaster, you can find out which of your pages and keywords get the most views, hits, and more. Update your content with relevant keywords when you discover an article with high traffic and impressions. Adding extra relevant info to your blog may be as simple as editing your existing post. Email the individuals who linked to your previous material after you've changed your content and inform them of the new changes on your website. It is possible to reach millions of individuals with these techniques.

5. Creative Infographics

Apparently, in 2021, infographics are a smart way to attract visitors to your website. Infographics have become more popular as a result of the increasing need for visual data in our digital age. It's simple to comprehend and disseminate, and you'll get significant inbound links. In addition, infographics may be shared on a variety of prominent websites, both for free and for a fee.

So make your infographics carefully and choose an attractive tale for your audience, and search the trending subject and what the audience is seeking for? An infographic is a useful tool for conveying a wide range of information. Canva, Photoshop, Infogram, Venngage, Animaker, and many more are among the most popular.

6. Post Link Round-Ups on Your Blog

As part of a content marketing plan, this is one of the finest strategies to generate backlinks. Consider this approach to generate high-quality backlinks:

Do a Google search for: Keyword+roundup

In this format, you'll be able to access the whole archive of articles that have been posted. Those that regularly produce roundup items on the internet are seeking high-quality information. Please do not send an email to your list of contributors informing them of your most recent postings.

7. Listicle link building

Listicle link building is another common strategy for obtaining high-quality dofollow backlinks. Find any website that links to a competitor's site but fails to mention your own. Email a journalist or blogger and explain why your product or service is a better fit for their list than others they've previously included.

If you contribute useful information to their website or visitors, some individuals are delighted to update and add your company to their site. However, to get high-quality do-follow backlinks, you must market and sell your product or service.

8. Publication of a series of definitive handbooks

In the world of content marketing, "an ultimate guide" is a compilation of all the knowledge you'll ever need to know on a certain subject. What do you think? An illustration of how this method works may be found in the form of two blogs.
For this plan to work, they need to supply enough material to bloggers and journalists so that they may refer to it while writing about a certain issue.

9. Submitting Sites for Directories

Did you realise that directories still have a role to play in boosting local search engine optimization? It's true that directory submission sites aren't dead, and many digital marketers still utilise them to obtain backlinks. Do follow directories submission sites that are less spammy and do not impact your SEO performance should always be chosen. Google My Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are the most well-known sites for IT and non-IT enterprises to include their listings in directories.

10. Try testimonials

In order to get high-quality backlinks, you may simply write a review of the website you're now using. Getting a backlink from the homepage of a reputable website is all that is required. The likelihood of receiving a link in exchange for an endorsement is high as long as you are an existing client of that product. Just talk about the features, advantages, and how it helps your company with all of the products you use.

Final Thoughts

Getting high-quality do-follow backlinks is one of the most difficult undertakings, but if you use the appropriate tools and procedures, you can quickly earn high-quality do-follow backlinks. One thing to keep in mind is to constantly establish a quality link that other people will want to connect to. In a few short months, if you persist, you'll see amazing progress. Learn more such strategies and methods to increase the organic traffic on your website and landing pages in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are whitehat backlinks, and how do they work?

Ans. In search engine optimization (SEO), white hat link building is a method of boosting traffic to a website by using strategies such as relevant linking to other, relevant material on the Web.

2. Is it still vital to have backlinks in 2022?

Ans. Although this may seem like an obvious point, it is nevertheless important to include in your SEO strategy for 2022. In the absence of any other distinguishing factors, analysing backlinks is the sole method for Google to distinguish between two websites.

3. How many backlinks do you need to be able to rank well?

Ans. As the difficulty rating increases in difficulty, the number of backlinks required increases at a quicker pace. For example, if a term has a difficulty rating of 10, you would most likely want about 10 backlinks to rank. However, if it has a difficulty of 50, you may require 100 backlinks to rank in the first position.