Oyo Case Study


OYO Rooms, now the famous OYO Hotels & Homes, stands tall as India's pride and a dynamic multinational powerhouse in the realms of travel and living spaces. Embracing the globe within its hospitality embrace, OYO emerges not merely as a platform, but as a catalyst of dreams for entrepreneurs and small enterprises.


OYO required a stringent plan to attract and engage new and returning users to their platform and assist them in boosting their sales.


- The client demanded 100% genuine traffic on their website.

- The client’s focus was on maximizing new users on their platform while assuring the existing user base is retained and engaged.

- Going by the numbers, the client's daily expected goal of reaching 100k users was a challenge unlike any other.


What did we do?

Our experts understood the brief and recognized the challenges ahead. After a thorough review, we got to work and delivered an insightful result. The takeaway from our effort was a 40% hike in check-in rates while bringing 180k new registrations to OYO.

How did we do it?

The path to achieving our objective was straightforward but certainly required a lot of perseverance. Our strategy incorporated targeting in-market audiences who actively searched for hotels and holiday destinations across India. We also targeted active travellers and backpackers via a data-driven plan.


Our Stategies and advance targeting helps OYO to get:

Registration Icon

5X Growth in New User Rate

Deposit Icon

40% Scale in Check-in Rate

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100% Genuine Users

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