In the vast realm of technology, where AI tools are expected to grow to nearly 100 billion US dollars by 2030, they have captured the world's imagination. Apparently, ChatGPT and Google Bard, two AI language models, have propelled AI to unprecedented heights, igniting a captivating competition that is reshaping human-computer interaction. As we set off on this thrilling voyage, let's explore the intriguing world of astounding AI wonders like ChatGPT vs. Google Bard, how to access Google Bard, how to use ChatGPT for free, its benefits and drawbacks, all the while wondering which one will ultimately prevail.

What is ChatGPT?

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT, an innovative AI-powered tool, is formally referred to as a "chat-oriented generative pre-trained transformer." The public was first introduced to ChatGPT in November 2022 as a prototype, and by January 2023, it had amassed over 100 million users , making it the fastest-adopted piece of software ever created.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

Utilizing ChatGPT is easy. It reacts to your queries, assertions, or prompts by typing generated text that is based on its training. Here is a short guide on how to use ChatGPT efficiently:

  1. Type your message or question first.
  2. Read the response after that, and if more context is required, add it.
  3. Now alternate between inputs and responses to continue the conversation.
  4. After that, play around with formatting to control ChatGPT's behavior.
  5. Be patient, iterate, and rephrase as required after that.
  6. Finally, keep in mind to assess the information critically.

That's it! On how ChatGPT works.

What is Google Bard?

google bard ai chatbot

Google Bard AI is a conversational chatbot that can produce any type of text, much like ChatGPT. Bard AI Google was first introduced at Google I/O in 2021; however, it was only ever made available as a prototype. However, after ChatGPT was introduced in late 2022, Google moved rapidly to build a chatbot that may argue using LaMDA. The first Google Bard AI chatbot announcement came in February 2023. After its release in February 2023, Google Bard had 30 million monthly visitors until March 2023.

How to Use Google Bard?

  1. First, visit
  2. After that, choose Try Google Bard.
  3. Now, accept the terms of service for Bard Google.
  4. Then, begin utilizing Google Bard
  5. Now, put a question or search keyword in
  6. Finally, observe the answer given by Google Bard.

That's it! On how to access Google’s AI chatbot, Bard.

Comparison: 9 Key Differences Between ChatGPT and Google Bard

Let's delve into the major differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard, two prominent chatbot models that have garnered attention. While both chatbots possess distinct capabilities, they exhibit significant contrasts. Here, we will outline the key differentiating factors between these two advanced conversational language models.

Point Of Comparison ChatGPT Google Bard
Purpose ChatGPT is a flexible language model created for dialogue and text production in a range of contexts. Google Bard is a language model created especially for creating poetry and verse.
Data for training ChatGPT has been refined using a wide variety of internet texts, such as books, articles, and web pages. Publicly available poetry and verse datasets make up the majority of the training data for Google Bard.
Prompt Form ChatGPT creates responses conversationally to give users enlightening and useful responses to their questions. Using the format and rhythm of conventional poetry, Google Bard frequently produces comments in a lyrical style.
Building and Support OpenAI created ChatGPT, and the OpenAI team continues to support it as it is developed and improved. Google Bard was created by Google, and the Google team is in charge of providing support and updates.
Size and Capabilities With 117 million to 6 billion parameters, ChatGPT is now offered in a few different variants. One version of Google Bard with 1.6 billion parameters is currently accessible.
Plagiarism Checker A built-in plagiarism detector (AI Text Classifier) is available in ChatGPT. The Google Bard plagiarism detector is not currently supported.
Implementation ChatGPT will be used alongside Microsoft Bing as a GPT4 model to find recent Internet information. Google Bard will produce the most up-to-date and superior information while connected to the Google Suite.
Strength Chat GPT produces and summarizes text responses more effectively. The Google Bard AI is effective in giving more precise and detailed responses.
Source of information Using feed data, Chat GPT creates answers. Internet-based responses are given by Google Bard.

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard: Which is the Best AI Chatbot Option?

Google bard vs Chatgpt Comparison

The many LLMs that drive the tools are essential to how they function. They are the main cause of the variations in test results, as each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. User intent will be more important than user choice when deciding between them. Among the determining elements are:

1. Accuracy
Google Bard must be the clear victor if you're looking for factual and current information. Because Google Bard has direct links to Google Search, it is also simpler to verify facts. One of the useful new features of Bard that is also available when utilizing chatbots built on the GPT-4 protocol is the ability to include links to cited publications.

2. Creativity
Despite the improvements to Bard, we still discovered that ChatGPT was able to generate more original answers. ChatGPT performs better if you're looking for advice and help with your writing.

3. Security and Safety
Due to ChatGPT's reactive security strategy, there have been questions raised regarding the site's ability to keep users secure online. In other words, safety issues are resolved as they arise. Although Google Bard takes a more proactive stance, it still uses feedback to enhance workflow. There are many ways your children can utilize ChatGPT safely if you are concerned about their safety.

4. Ease of Use
Both tools are simple to use, and your interactions with them will be similar. Google has improved with the inclusion of follow-up ideas and connections to cited sources. These facilitate continued study and make it simpler to confirm the validity of results with Bard.

5. Integrations
The integration of Google Bard with programs like Gmail and Google Workspace is one of its main advantages. This implies that you can import chats right into Google Docs and Gmail.

6. Multiple Solutions
Unless specifically instructed otherwise, ChatGPT usually gives one response but can generate various versions as requested. However, some may find this default behavior bothersome.

google bard ai

Google Bard AI offers multiple iterations of solutions, allowing users to select the most suitable response for their needs. Each draft may come from different sources, providing varying levels of accuracy. Users have the freedom to choose any individual response or combine several drafts to achieve the best outcome. This feature sets Google Bard AI apart from ChatGPT by offering a greater range of options to users.

7. Internet Access
Unlike ChatGPT-4, Bard can access the internet for real-time information. ChatGPT-4 relies on an outdated dataset, limiting its ability to provide current information. Bard, on the other hand, can offer recent responses and research. Each of Bard's responses has a Google Search symbol that provides related search suggestions for users to explore.

8. Friendliness to Users and Interface
Bard, the chatbot, is more user-friendly than ChatGPT-4. It has a visually appealing interface with simpler text and allows users to modify their questions. Users can also search online and upvote and downvote responses. Bard's interface is organized and clean.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between ChatGPT and Google Bard depends on specific user needs. ChatGPT offers conversational AI with a substantial knowledge base and insightful responses. Google Bard excels in creative writing and expressive language generation. Determining a winner in the ChatGPT versus Google Bard competition is subjective and context-dependent. Both systems have unique advantages, representing notable progress in natural language processing. Are you still worried about the use of AI languages? Not to worry? Cronbay Technologies is right here to guide you on this beautiful journey. Don’t wait! Book a call right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will ChatGPT replace programmers?

Ans. ChatGPT provides assistance, generates code, and makes recommendations, but it does not take on the role of human programmers. Their knowledge, originality, and problem-solving skills continue to be crucial in the software development process.

2. How to use ChatGPT on mobile?

Ans. To access ChatGPT on a mobile device, you have multiple options. Firstly, use a mobile web browser to visit the website or app where ChatGPT is available. Ensure the site is mobile-friendly. Alternatively, check if there is an official mobile app provided by the platform for accessing ChatGPT. By following these methods, you can conveniently use ChatGPT on your mobile device.

3. Is ChatGPT safe?

Ans. Both advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT exist. It can generate inappropriate or unreliable content, lack context, and fact-checking, and face misuse risks. OpenAI's safety measures are in place, but some issues may persist. User feedback is encouraged. Approach AI models with caution, considering their limitations and ethical usage.