Whether you're a hobbyist blogger or a Fortune 500 company, guest blogging has quickly become a powerful SEO strategy for websites of all types. Although a strong social media strategy will always be advantageous, it might take some time before you start seeing the rewards of your effort when it comes to reaching your target audience and converting them into paying customers.

Writing articles for other sites (that you could even consider rivals, no less) can seem unproductive if you might be working on material for your own site instead. However, the possibilities presented by guest writing may have a tremendous impact on your search engine optimization and revenue targets. According to ReferralRock, sixty percent of bloggers publish between one and five guest posts each month.

Why do you need to do Guest Posting?

Some of the benefits of accepting guest posts on your website are listed below.

  • Get familiarize

    As a result of guest blogging on other sites, you might expose your brand to readers who may not be acquainted with it.

  • Build Credibility in Your Brand

    People will continue engaging with your brand if it consistently produces high-quality content. It's that easy. Achieving prominence in your field and earning your customers' confidence go hand in hand. Your expertise in your subject may be shown by guest blogging on other relevant sites.

  • Assist in driving more traffic

    Without visitors, a website can't make any money. Depending on the site's popularity and the usefulness of your post, the traffic you get after having an article published on another site might last for months or even years.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

  • First, set the target

    Regarding content marketing, guest blogging is a great way to get your name out there outside the confines of your own website. Content promotion benefits from exposure to new audiences, quality backlinks from reputable websites, and more options for social sharing.

    Before you start working on guest posts, you need to determine which sites are read by your target audience and which domains would lend greater authority to your content and business.

  • Familiarize yourself with the blog's posts

    The substance of the blog you want to promote is crucial. You may be certain that the guest post opportunities you saw on their site are relevant to the term you used. However, you need further information on this material, including-

    1. Who exactly are they writing for (e.g., novices, intermediates, or experts)?
    2. Who exactly is their intended readership? If you're in the business-to-business sector, rather than selling to individual customers, your guest post should be aimed toward other companies.
    3. Specifically, what kind of articles do they create? Is there a focus on broad ideas or more narrow, in-depth instructions? Would a list interest them?

  • Examine the Performance of Other Guest Posts

    While a site may include guest articles, the key is whether the guest bloggers perform well. Do visitors remark and share as much on guest articles as they do on those written by the site's owner? Some sites could welcome guest articles, but if the audience is primarily tuning in for the blog owner, you won’t perform so well if your aim is to develop authority or drive traffic back to your website.

    Learn about various content marketing strategies to grow your reach by clicking here.

Importance of Guest Posting for B2B

We've outlined four arguments in favor of this approach to B2B marketing:

  • You have the adoration of the blog administrators.

    The stress of deadlines is something most of us have experienced. Managers of smaller blogs sometimes find it difficult to reach their content production targets due to strict deadlines. When you offer your services as a guest blogger, you are the hero to a blog manager who is struggling due to a lack of material. Instead of being an annoyance, the guest article you've offered is a thoughtful present.

  • The effects are long-term

    Compared to the temporary nature of referral traffic, guest blogging's positive effects on search engine optimization stay far longer. You may improve your article's chances of getting a high search engine rating by including targeted keywords in the title, body, and link anchor text. The article's readership will be interested in reading the rest of your site, and the pages you link to there will benefit greatly from the inbound link from such a reliable source.

  • Search traffic is more targeted

    An individual's likelihood of finding your information useful increases if they come across it via a keyword search. If your material is helpful, it will be optimized for the users that find it via search engines. As searchers are utilizing highly relevant terms to reach your content, the wheat has already been sifted from the chaff, making the search traffic produced by guest blog articles significantly more focused than referral traffic.

  • There is room for growth

    Smaller blogs may be included in a scalable guest blogging/link-building campaign. When compared to the lengthy process of having a guest post accepted by a bigger site, the time it takes for a post to appear on a smaller blog is substantially quicker. When compared to larger blogs, those with fewer contributors often have a far shorter turnaround time for responses and material approvals. Since this is the case, a large-scale guest blogging campaign may be organized and implemented.

Top Tools for Guest Posting

For their simplicity and effectiveness, these are some of the favorite tools to utilize in-house.

  1. MozBar, the SEO Moz Toolbar

    The MozBar is a superb all-around SEO toolbar that is compatible with Chrome and Firefox; it provides quick access to a variety of useful metrics such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, and more.

    The vast extras include nofollow highlighting and connections to traffic analytics sites like Compete, Quantcast, Alexa, and more. Back Tweets and other amazing features are accessible.

  2. Gmail Canned Responses

    Gmail Labs' Canned Responses feature is fantastic for quickly sending pre-written emails, which in turn boosts productivity.

    It is suggested that you use this not just for the replies but also for the first approaches and that you personalize your templates wherever feasible by include a space for adding something specific to the blogger you are reaching out to.

  3. Builtvisible

    With this fantastic tool, you may save a lot of time and effort, which provides a wealth of information on the blogs you're interested in contacting. You'll need a list of blog URLs before you can use this tool; once you do, you'll get a voluminous report with information like the blogs' IP addresses, WHOIS emails, contact pages, emails, Twitter handles, Linkedin profiles, PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and much more.

  4. Raven Tools

    In addition to link monitoring and outreach management, Raven Tools provides many other useful features, such as PPC management and research, social media administration, reporting, a website assessment, task management, and more.

    As the first step in blogger outreach, you may use a site finder to locate potential targets; once identified, you can add them to your outreach management CRM; from there, you can locate contact data; send emails; and finally, monitor the links that were published.

Final Thoughts

In order to capitalise on the popularity of existing successful blogs in your field, guest blogging might be a smart strategy. You need to provide interesting proposals that demonstrate your value to be considered for a guest blog. Incorporating guest blogging as a strategy into your content marketing initiatives with the help of professionals from Cronbay can be a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what ways are guest posts worth paying for?

Ans. Quite a few websites will accept guest articles from you, but they will want you to pay a fee. They see the benefit you bring to their newspaper by allowing you to guest write on occasion. Your decision to make a payment is totally optional.

2. How many guest posts should I write?

Ans. You have complete control over this. Two guest articles every month for the first six months is a reasonable goal.