Hello business owners! Do you need help building your business online? Yes, we can understand you have a lot of tasks to manage. But, are you building your brand presence on the Instagram platform? If yes, then you need to know the common banned hashtags on Instagram. Yes, we are not joking. Instagram is a widely used platform with more than 2000 million active users as of April 2024.


Still, being a popular social media platform, it comes with some strict regulations. And, missteps in hashtags on Instagram can severely affect your brand reach and engagement.

So, instead of taking so much trouble and stress, why not understand more about the banned hashtags on Instagram and save your business from the impact of banned hashtags? In this quick guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Instagram-banned hashtags and also will be sharing the full list of banned hashtags on Instagram as a bonus tip. With no delays, let's quickly get into the topic called what are banned hashtags.

What are Banned Hashtags on Instagram?


Before you get into the full list of banned hashtags on Instagram, let us understand some basics, for instance, the meaning of banned hashtags, the types of banned hashtags, and the impact of using them. To be simple, hashtag ban Instagram is the specific words or phrases that Instagram has flagged and restricted. This restriction is mostly due to their association with inappropriate content, including spam, misinformation, or offensive material.

Types of Banned Hashtags on Instagram in 2024

Commonly you see, there are 3 types of hashtags ban Instagram. This includes:

1. Excessively Broad Hashtags

The first type of Instagram-banned hashtags is those that are overly generic. These hashtags include terms like #love, #happy, #photooftheday, and #instagood. While these hashtags are not offensive, their broad appeal attracts a vast number of users, leading to a high volume of posts that may not always be relevant or high-quality.

This can make it harder for users to find the posts they really want to see. As a result, Instagram might ban these hashtags to cut down on spam and make sure users have a better experience.

2. Implicitly Inappropriate Hashtags

The second type of Instagram-banned hashtags are those that might seem harmless but actually lead to content that breaks Instagram's rules. For example, hashtags like #weedstagram or #sexytime might seem harmless, at first. However, using these hashtags can result in posts being removed or accounts being restricted because they violate Instagram's community guidelines.

3. Explicitly Offensive Hashtags

The third type of banned hashtags are those directly associated with hate speech, bullying, or discrimination. These hashtags promote harmful content that Instagram aims to eliminate. For example, hashtags such as #racialslurs or #fatshaming are explicitly offensive because they promote discrimination or hurtful behavior, violating Instagram's policies.

Top 3 Impacts Of Using Banned Hashtags on Instagram


The implications of using the Instagram hashtag ban are many. Some of the top implications of using banned hashtags include:

1. Low Visibility of the Account

The first implication of using the Instagram hashtag ban is reduced visibility. Yes, if you constantly use banned hashtags, Instagram's algorithm can penalize your post by making it less visible in search results and hashtag feeds. As a result of this, your post's engagement will be reduced. You will start getting fewer likes, comments, and shares on your post, as your post is visible to a smaller audience only. it. This will ultimately impact your reach. Over time, this can hinder your account's growth and influence on the platform.

2. Shadowbanning of the Account


The second implication of using banned hashtags is shadowbanning. To be simple, shadowbanning occurs when your posts become invisible to anyone who doesn't follow you. This can happen if you frequently use banned hashtags. While Instagram denies shadowbanning exists, many users report a significant drop in engagement when using problematic hashtags. This hidden penalty is frustrating and can severely limit your ability to attract new followers and grow your audience.

3. Instagram Account Suspension

The third implication of using banned hashtags is account suspension. Yes, in severe cases, repeated use of banned hashtags can lead to account suspension. As a user, you need to know that Instagram takes violations of its community guidelines seriously, and repeated offenses can result in your account being temporarily or permanently disabled. As a result, you will severely lose all your content, followers, and the effort you've invested in growing the account.

These are just a few common impacts of using the Instagram hashtag ban. There are more reasons and trust us it can severely impact you. So, to avoid these banned hashtags let us look into the full list of banned hashtags on Instagram and save your account instantly.

Check Out The Full List of Banned Hashtags on Instagram

Now that you've got some gist on the banned hashtags, let us quickly look into the full list and know which hashtags are banned on Instagram.

Letter Banned Hashtags
A #abdl, #addmysc, #adulting, #alone, #always, #americangirl, #armparty, #asiangirl, #ass, #assday, #assworship, #attractive
B #babe, #bbc, #beautyblogger, #beautydirectory, #besties, #bikinibody, #boho, #books, #brain
C #costumes, #curvygirls, #cpr, #curvy, #customers
C #costumes, #curvygirls, #cpr, #curvy, #customers
D #date, #dating, #desk, #direct, #dm, #daddylove, #dogsofinstagram
E #edm, #eggplant, #elevator, #easter, #eggplantparm
F #fishnets, #fitnessgirls, #followforfollows
G #girlsonly, #gloves, #goddess, #graffitiigers
H #happythanksgiving, #hardworkpaysoff, #hawks, #hotweather, #humpday, #hustler
I #instasport, #iphonegraphy, #italiano, #ice, #ig, #ilovemyinstagram, #instababy, #instamood
K #kickoff, #killingit, #kissing, #kansas
L #loseweight, #lulu, #141, #lean, #like, #likeback, #likeforlike, #lingerie, #livinforalivin
M #master, #mileycyrus, #milf, #mirrorphoto, #models, #mustfollow
N #nasty, #newyearsday, #nudity, #newyears
O #overnight
P #parties, #petite, #pornfood, #prettygirl, #pushups, #publicrelations, #puppydogmondays
R #rate, #ravens
S #saltwater, #samelove, #selfharm, #single, #singlelife, #skateboarding, #skype, #snap, #snapchat, #snowstorm, #sopretty,#stranger, #streetphoto, #sunbathing, #swole, #shower, #shit, #sexworker, #stud
T #tag4like, #tagsforlikes, #tanlines, #todayimwearing, #teens, #teen, #thought, #tgif, #treasurethesemoments
U #undies, #underage
V #valentinesday
W #workflow, #woman, #womancrushwednesday, #women, #wtf
Y #youngmodel

How To Know That The Hashtag Is Banned From Instagram?


So, was the list helpful to you? Surely, it has helped you in some way. But, your problem doesn't end here. The truth is Instagram often keeps changing the banned hashtags and comes with new rules. So, if you are looking for the answer on how to know that the hashtag is banned on Instagram, let us look into the 3 effective ways.

1. Check the Banned Hashtags List

The easiest way to check for banned Instagram hashtags is to check the banned hashtags list. Yes, if possible, you can start bookmarking the list for easy reference. In this way, you can quickly see if any of the hashtags you are using for creating the post are banned/not.

2. Search in Instagram Explore

Another method to check for banned Instagram hashtags is to search for the hashtag in Instagram Explore. Yes, believe us, this is also an easier way to know about banned hashtags. If the hashtag is banned, you'll see a message in the search results saying, “Recent posts for #[hashtag] are hidden because some posts may not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines.” However, if you don't see this message, the hashtag is not banned. You can freely use that hashtag in your post.

3. Use a Hashtag Checker Tool

So, social media lovers, if we say there is an easy way to check for banned Instagram hashtags, won't it be exciting? Indeed, we can feel your excitement. To help you get a more automated approach, next on the list comes the Instagram banned hashtags checker.

Using this approach to check for banned Instagram hashtags you can easily get access to multiple hashtags and know whether they are banned or not. For instance, you can use Hootsuite's free Instagram banned hashtags checker. Just simply type the hashtag and instantly check for banned Instagram hashtags.

Following these simple steps, you will surely get to know whether the hashtags you are using are banned or not. Don't go anywhere. We will be revealing some bonus tips on how to prevent Instagram-banned hashtags.

3 Bonus Tips: How to Avoid Instagram-Banned Hashtags?


1. Use a variety of relevant hashtags rather than repeating the same ones, as this can be flagged as spam.

2. Avoid excessive interactions and following too many accounts rapidly, and refrain from uploading stories excessively.

3. Ensure your captions and hashtags vary between posts to avoid appearing automated or spammy to Instagram's algorithms.

Final Words

In conclusion, Instagram hashtags are the key, no doubt! But, understanding and avoiding banned hashtags on Instagram is the fundamental aspect. This will help you maintain a positive online presence in the long run. Trust us, by adhering to these simple practices on banned hashtags, you can significantly benefit your business's online reputation and enhance your social media strategy effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do some Instagram hashtags get banned?

Ans. Some Instagram hashtags get banned because they have been associated with posts that violate Instagram's Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. This typically happens when users repeatedly tag inappropriate or harmful content under certain hashtags. When Instagram receives reports or detects such violations, they may restrict or ban the hashtag to prevent further misuse and maintain a safer environment for users.

2. Can I get banned from a hashtag on Instagram?

Ans. Yes, you can get shadowbanned from a hashtag on Instagram. This means Instagram may restrict the visibility of your posts under that hashtag, making them harder to discover by others who are not already following you. This can happen if Instagram detects spammy or inappropriate behavior associated with your account or if you use banned hashtags or any other hashtags that are restricted due to community guidelines violations.

3. Which hashtags are banned on Instagram?

Ans. Three types of hashtags are banned on Instagram. These hashtags include overly broad hashtags like #love, implicitly inappropriate hashtags like #weedstagram, and explicitly offensive hashtags like #racialslurs.

4. How to know that the hashtag is banned from Instagram?

Ans. To check if a hashtag is banned, check the banned hashtags list, search it in Instagram Explore, and use a hashtag checker tool for automated checks.