Mobile marketing is undoubtedly one of the most crucial strategies today in reshaping the business and reaching a bigger audience over the Internet.

Moreover, we now have AI-enabled technologies that are constantly emerging and serve as a boon for mobile marketers to spot consumer behavior, patterns and trends.

Therefore, it is paramount to prioritize emotional and personalized content that certainly wins customers and thus contributes to long-term brand success.

7 Insightful Reasons to Choose Mobile Marketing for B2B Business in 2022

Research says, there are more than 5.3 million unique mobile users across the globe. This is truly an opportunity for mobile marketers to reach out to potential customers.

Digital marketing has completely taken a 360-degree turn post-pandemic crisis. Companies are rapidly adopting noble ways to reach out to customers.

Here are seven insightful reasons why mobile marketing matters in 2022 -

1. Customer Prefers Mobile-Friendly Content

As per some recent surveys, 95% of customers prefer content that is readable on websites and mobile devices.
Moreover, there are tremendous benefits of mobile-friendly content that boosts site traffic and ensures better SEO rankings when customers search specific keyphrases on Google.

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2. Better Business Reach

Most of the users are using mobile apps, accessing websites with the same medium, hence it is paramount to build responsive and mobile-optimized websites.

This helps businesses reach a bigger audience through the right mediums, strengthens online presence, brand awareness, and boosts customer interactions.

3. Personalized Customer Experience

Innovation and resilience are keys to brand success. As customer behaviour and purchase patterns showed a drastic change during the pandemic crisis, this leads to the emergence of new marketing strategies.

Moreover, As per a case study, personalized customer experience using smartphone technology has become a new business model to acquire and retain customers.

4. Facilitates High Conversion Rates

Mobile marketing is one of the most evolving digital marketing techniques that facilitate higher conversion rates and ROI.

Reason being, today we can't imagine life without smartphones and people have access to multiple services on a single platform. This becomes a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to capture their target audience and interact through mobile technology.

5. Boost Search Engine Rankings

Leveraging mobile-optimised, SEO-friendly informative content through websites and mobile apps incredibly boosts your site rankings.

The more we adopt a customer-centric approach, the better user experience, brand credibility, brand awareness and high ROI.

6. Inexpensive Marketing Strategy

As digitization skyrocketed, people are more inclined with mobile phones. Hence, for digital marketers, it is vital to implement cheaper marketing methods that give instant results and generate higher revenue.

Mobile marketing is one of the cost-effective strategies today that yields remarkable outcomes through websites and text messages. It is quite reasonable compared to traditional methods.

7. Stay On Top of the Competition

Mobile marketing is one of the most evolving and proven ways to build a successful brand over the Internet.

In addition, with low-cost and automated marketing campaigns, small, medium and big enterprises will thrive and certainly stay on top of the competition.

Know the Significant Impact of Mobile Marketing For Businesses in 2022

Smartphones have become a necessity for everyone and one of the most important mediums for mobile marketers in the booming digital world.

Research suggests that people across the world spent more than 3.5 hours per day searching on mobiles. Having said that, businesses need to leverage the right channel and find new interactive ways to reach a wider audience. So, let us understand the impact of mobile marketing-

Priortise Customer's Sentiments

  • Automated Advertising Paced up

    One of the biggest impacts of mobile marketing is the insane rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the digital world. As a result, the automation advertising process took over traditional marketing methods making it easier for digital marketers to boost their online presence. Related Article: 2022 Beginners Guide to Programmatic Advertising

  • Shoppers Inclined With Smartphones

    With the rapid rise of digitization and smartphone users, mobile marketing too paced up which led to the remarkable growth of B2B businesses worldwide. Moreover, people spend most of their time shopping online instead of visiting retail stores. This opened the doors for eCommerce businesses to leverage mobile marketing.

  • SMS Marketing Boomed

    Post pandemic crisis, SMS marketing is making a huge positive impact on B2B businesses. Reason being, it incredibly enhances brand reach to multiple devices and better customer interaction. With SMS marketing, customers are well-informed about the new trends and announcements about products and services of their interest.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Emerging Mobile Marketing Trends in 2022

As the entire world has gone digital, mobile marketing took the center stage and there is a tremendous demand for mobile-optimized web pages to provide the best user experience.

Here are 2022 mobile marketing trends that are constantly rising worldwide-

  • AI-enabled Marketing

    AI-driven marketing strategy involves cost-effective automated marketing methods that incredibly give instant results and contributes to business growth.

  • QR Codes Made it Easy

    QR codes had a huge positive impact on businesses especially post covid outbreak when people maintained social distance and start adopting digital payments through QR codes.

    QR codes intensified direct email marketing campaigns, boost website traffic, achieved customer loyalty and remarkably benefitted small businesses.

Final Thoughts - The Future is Mobile

This brings us to the end of this article, we hope you got a fair idea of the benefits of mobile marketing for B2B business in 2022. As we all know covid outbreak has been the biggest game-changer for both B2B and B2C businesses. As a result, customers are shifting from laptops, desktops to smartphones.

As per the recent report by Global News Wire - an AI-based customer experience management strategy will create profitable opportunities. In addition, the mobile market size is projected to increase 57,850$ by 2030.

So now it is clear that mobile marketing is the future of digital marketing every business needs. The more you are resilient to changing trends, the more your business will reach greater heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I boost active mobile users?

Ans. Automated campaigns are a sure-shot way that collects rich data of mobile users and automatically sent it to individuals. For instance, when a potential customer signs up, they are added to the subscriber's list and will start to receive email newsletters.

2. What is the importance of Mobile Gamification?

Ans. Gamification is the idea of implementing game dynamics to mobile apps to ensure customers return to the app. It is one of the outstanding mobile marketing strategies that significantly boost traffic and sales to your business.

3. How personalized content works through mobile marketing?

Ans. Personalized content works on the idea of addressing your potential and existing customers with their first names. It leaves a lasting impact on them and ensures better engagements. Moreover, for every brand to be successful online, it is important to be aware of what and when your customer wants your products or services. In a nutshell, make it personal, engaging content and build a strong emotional connection with your audience instead of spamming with links for sales.

4. What is the role of Augmented Reality (AR) in Mobile Marketing?

Ans. AR works on the data and allows marketers to provide a personalized experience to potential customers. This strategy is amazingly helping many brands to stay on top of the competition.

5. When should you run Mobile Marketing Campaigns?

Ans. The subtle answer to this question is during the peak times when your customers are using mobile devices and you can expect higher engagements and clicks. These peak timings are lunch break around 2 pm, post-dinner and during night hours after 10 pm.