Before we get started with the entire process, let's understand - What is programmatic advertising in the digital world?
Well, Programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence and real-time bidding to automate and streamline the ad buying process between advertisers and publishers.

Say goodbye to tedious individual advertising and Say hello to automated programmatic advertising that connects with multiple Ad platforms without any hassle.

7 Crucial Steps to Get Started with Programmatic Advertising

Do you want to know how programmatic advertising works? Well, it incredibly works on the idea of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for advertising and thus helping businesses to reap maximum benefits quickly.

Moreover, it targets the right audience and allows your Ads reach to multiple devices such as tablets, mobiles and desktops with automated Advertising campaigns.

Let us dive deep and understand the process of programmatic digital advertising. Read carefully and share your valuable thoughts.

STEP1: Know the Types of Ad Campaigns

Before you jump off to creating Ad campaigns, it is super important to learn the forms of campaigns as a beginner.
Get acquainted with programmatic banner Ads, programmatic video Ads, programmatic native Ads, and in-app programmatic Ads and select the one that best suits your business goals.

STEP2: Set your Advertising Goals

The next crucial step to run a successful Ad campaign is to plan out clear-cut goals that bring out maximum visibility and customers to your business.

This involves budget-friendly advertising cost, brand awareness, attracting new customers, high conversions, revenue, targeting the right audience, reaching multiple devices, and automating media buying.

STEP3: Register on DSP (Demand Side Platform)

DSP (Demand Side Platform) is software designed for advertisers to create automated online advertising campaigns where advertisers bid for ad space with publishers.

This step involves registering on a zero-cost DSP platform where you can sign up and proceed with buying media to advertise your business to your target audience.

STEP4: Set your Campaign Budget

Programmatic advertising allows the flexibility to set your Ad budget without any restriction to pay a predefined cost like Facebook.

Price varies according to the campaigns and platforms followed by durations of Ads, frequency gap and enter the limit of Ad impressions like daily or weekly Ad limits to spend wisely.

STEP5: Choose the Ad Layout Format

We have reached the most important step - Craft your Ad creative based on the type of Ad campaign you've learnt in the first step.

You will be directed to a set of Ad layouts. Choose a format that is suitable to devices and target audience once your Ad goes live. Head over to basic settings, select the traffic type, device, bid price and proceed to "Upload image".

STEP6: Perform A/B Testing for Best Results

This process implies optimizing ad campaigns where you run test campaigns for a week and analyse which one is working best for your business.

Once you find the areas of improvement after analyzing every aspect, you can finally launch a new ad campaign and see the results.

STEP7: Retarget Existing Customers

Now we've reached the final step of the Ad campaign i.e Retargeting customers. Analyse users' behavior towards your Ad campaign and plan out a strategy that wins potential customers.

This implies retargeting your potential customers who have clicked your Ads but didn't purchase from the website. You can retain them back through by relaunching a new Ad campaign.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a DSP For Programmatic Advertising

DSP (Demand-side Platform) is the most crucial part of programmatic advertising that significantly determines your campaign success. Therefore, It is strongly recommended for everyone to partner with tech experts who will assist you with features.

Here are some important things you should keep in mind before choosing DSP, take a quick look.

  • User-friendly Interface - Opt for an easy user-friendly interface to quickly access and modify the data without any hassle.
  • Ad-Inventory - There should be enough provision for more ad spaces for advertisers.
  • Easy-Access to Analytics - When you choose DSP, ensure you have access to real-time analytics to track the activities of your programmatic ad campaign.
  • Support Ad Creative Format - Make sure you choose the platform that supports Ad creatives for multiple devices - Mobile, Desktop and Tablet.
  • Tech Support - While choosing a DSP platform, try to self introspect whether it is the right fit for your agency or not? Are they providing you ample technical support or it's just between you and the platform? Ensure you consider these vital aspects in advance.
So, these were the important aspects to consider before choosing a DSP. By the way, if you want to get more detailed insights on DSP (Demand Side Platform) Industry head over this information source.

Final Thoughts - Time to Make your Business Thrive

This brings us to the end of the article. The whole idea is to acquaint you with the process of programmatic digital advertising which is way more efficient than any other method. With AI taking the center stage across the globe in the digital world, every business owner is adopting the noble ways of advertising which in turn yields 10x ROI and a huge customer base.

In a nutshell, If you are a startup owner wanting to grasp and implement the idea of automation for your business, you are certainly on the right track. The more you embrace fast-paced technological trends, the more your business will thrive in no time. What do you say? - Are you ready to dive into the world of automated programmatic advertising?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is programmatic ad buying?

Ans.Programmatic Ad buying is an automated Ad buying process between advertisers and publishers. This automation is performed with the help of AI to simplify tedious traditional methods where individual advertising was done on multiple platforms like - Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.

2. How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

Ans. Programmatic advertising is a process between DSP (Demand side platform) and SSP (Server Side Platform). DSP is software that performs the automation of sales and digital Ad placements with Publishers through the "Ad Exchange" platform. Here advertisers are the buyers and Publishers are the website owners. To illustrate further, Advertisers purchase the ad space from the Publishers to show their Ads on the right platforms to enjoy maximum ROI and custome rs for their business.

3. Is Programmatic Advertising Cheaper? (User Generated Content) for content optimization on social media?

Ans. The subtle answer to this question is - Yes - It is cheaper, incredibly faster, and superbly efficient than traditional methods. To give you a fair idea, programmatic advertising works on CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPI (Cost Per Impressions) and it will cost you around 0.50$ - $2 CPM. In a nutshell, it is way reasonable, time-saver, and highly beneficial as compared to traditional and tedious advertising methods. Go for it!

4. What are the best programmatic advertising platforms?

Ans. MediaMath, Amazon (AAP), Simpli.Fi, SmartyAds, DoubleClick, AppNexus, TubeMogul Google Display & Video 360, and Live Ramp. You can explore more DSP companies of 2022 for programmatic advertising like Smadex, Smaato, AdColony, RevX, HUAWEI Ads, etc.