With the widespread implementation of digital technology across the globe, there has been a significant surge in mobile app users leading to the adoption of a user acquisition strategy.

User acquisition implies acquiring new customers and expanding the client base to get new app installs and gain customer loyalty programs by running successful UA campaigns.

The ultimate goal of the user acquisition strategy is to minimize marketing costs and give customers a lifetime value by utilizing acquisition channels and maximising ROI.

5 Compelling Reasons To Choose User Acquisition in Mobile App Marketing

It is no secret that the mobile app marketing business has remarkably flourished across the world with the help of user acquisition channels.

To give a fair idea of the acquisition channels, they are Google, social media platforms, mobile Ad networks, ASO (App Store Optimization), Offline advertising, PR, youtube videos, and email marketing.

Here is a glimpse to understand the significance of mobile app user acquisition strategy in the digital world:

1. Rapidly Growing Mobile App Users
2. Eliminates Traditional Marketing Methods
3. Helps in Understanding Acquisition Costs
4. Aids in Effective Campaign Planning
5. High Conversions

Let us delve deep and understand the significant reasons why user acquisition is important for mobile app marketing. Read carefully and share your valuable thoughts in the comment section.

  • 1. Rapidly Growing Mobile App Users

    One of the major reasons to choose a mobile app user acquisition strategy is that it helps with getting new app installs, drives high ROI and aids in business growth.
    This is accomplished with the help of UA teams by leveraging the best user acquisition channels, constantly monitoring campaign performance and determining the most profitable one that gives desired outcomes.

  • 2. Eliminates Traditional Marketing Methods

    Another incredible reason for implementing a user acquisition strategy is that it eliminates tedious traditional marketing methods and guesswork and thus helps in saving costs to a large extent.
    This is accomplished through automation methods that ease out marketing efforts. Time to say goodbye to high expensive traditional marketing methods and say hello to the evolving mobile app marketing trends.

  • 3. Helps in Understanding Acquisition Costs

    CAC is referred to as Customer Acquisition Cost which is one of the crucial metrics for creating effective campaigns to gain new users with high lifetime value and low acquisition cost.
    Leveraging the user acquisition strategy for mobile apps significantly helps to determine the price you pay for potential users to download the app by meeting the specific criteria of the customers.

  • 4. Aids in Effective Campaign Planning

    One of the best reasons for executing a mobile app user acquisition strategy is that it significantly helps to analyze the most effective campaign that yields the best outcomes and revenue.
    Mobile Marketers carry out effective planning by running various UA campaigns and then determining the most profitable campaign that generates high ROI for the business.

  • 5. High Conversions

    No business would survive without getting new customers and expanding its customer base. Customers are the epitome for every business to stay ahead of the curve.
    Another important reason to implement user acquisition for mobile apps is that it drives high conversions and contributes to brand success by running successful campaigns on various marketing channels.

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The New Era Of Mobile App Marketing - AI Powers Up the UA Campaigns

With the fast-growing digital marketing trends, mobile app marketing took the center stage due to the high rise of app users across the globe.

This led to the adoption of user acquisition campaigns that paved the way for traditional marketing techniques and thus reduces marketing efforts and made it easier for mobile marketers to create and manage campaigns.
This is due to the implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology which has predominantly been used in convergence with UA campaigns. This has significantly facilitated the automated marketing process.

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Earlier there was a fear that AI will take away the jobs of mobile marketers but that's not true. AI technology combined with UA has amazingly reduced the marketing efforts, and costs that remarkably helped in producing remarkable revenue.

One of the great examples we can consider is from a recent news source by VentureBeat- Tempr raises $5M to reshape UA for mobile marketers. It is accomplished by using AI technology with API (Application User interface) to pull out data and plan out the next marketing campaign.

This particularly states how AI contributes to the success of mobile app user acquisition strategy which is done by measuring the results and determining the best campaign that serves the purpose.

Read How Fintech Industry in India Is Incredibly Evolving Through UA Campaigns

It is quite interesting to know how India's Fintech Industry is currently emphasizing building user acquisition campaigns for fintech apps.

This approach will ensure wider brand reach to tier 2 and tier 3 markets due to high smartphone users and cashless transactions.

The whole idea behind this innovative approach is to gain brand loyalty through video ads and social media channels. This information is cited by a credible news source -- Financial Express. Give it a read.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of this article. Now that we are clear with the reasons why user acquisition is important for mobile apps. It’s time to tap the emerging trends of the digital world and create an innovative approach to reach out to a wider audience just like the above-illustrated examples.

Note that, the goal is to serve your potential customers and increase your brand reach even to the remote areas where maximum smartphone users are found. In a nutshell, we can conclude that the key to a brand's success is - Know your target audience, experiment with new methods, reach out to the right audience and make the most out of your banner ads by directing users to your app download page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How are UA campaigns measured in mobile app marketing?

Ans. Well, this is the most crucial aspect of customer acquisition where mobile metrics are considered in measuring the campaigns in terms of - CPI (Cost per Install), LTV (Lifetime Value), CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), CPA (Cost Per Action), Cost per 1000 impressions, ROI and conversion rates.

Q2. What are the important factors to choose the right UA channels for your app?

Ans. It entirely depends on your app and marketing strategy but to give a fair idea here are three most important factors to keep in mind while choosing the right UA channel:

  • Your budget will determine your channel to invest in the campaign

  • Level of Expertise of the acquisition channels to run UA campaigns

  • Amount of time you have to acquire new users while running a campaign. Some channels may time take to acquire customers or some may give instant results.

Q3. Which user acquisition channel is best for mobile app marketing?

Ans. Facebook is the best social media channel for running UA campaigns. This channel attracts specific demographics of people and an extremely helpful platform for the mobile marketing team to optimize campaigns.

Q4. What is the best example of user acquisition mobile app marketing?

Ans. Here IPL is the best example. So, based on a recent news source - More than 70% of viewers constantly check their phones for match updates and commentaries. IPL is tremendously leveraging mobile app user acquisition strategy during the sports events by focusing on industries like gaming apps, education, food & beverages, entertainment, and finance as per the recent reports by AppsFlyer.