Get Ahead of the Game with Voice Search Do we know the power of voice search in digital marketing? or are we stuck with old, tedious and traditional marketing techniques? Well, it's time to rethink.

Research says, 41% of the population has smart speakers. And, more than 70% of internet users prefer to use voice search on Google instead of text-based searches.

This is quite a high percentage giving us a fair idea of the dire need to adopt voice search for digital marketing. Time to level up your game now.

The Power Of Voice Search in Digital Marketing - Be Rest Assured This Trend Will Continue

As we know how eCommerce businesses skyrocketed, the need for voice search has become a crucial aspect for businesses to gain brand visibility and credibility.

Over the last decade, we have seen the constant rise of voice assistants such as Google Alexa, Siri, Amazon etc. Moreover, based on the recent research more than 3.2 million users prefer voice search.

Voice search is an integral part of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that has drastically changed the entire digital marketing game. Also, it made a huge impact on how users interact with our smart devices.

Below is a glimpse of the most important question - Why is voice search important in digital marketing, take a look.

1. Enhance Your Brand Visibility
2. Maximize Website Traffic
3. Boost Your SEO Rankings
4. Brings High Conversions
5. Better consumer engagements

Let us delve deep and understand the impact of voice search on digital marketing. Time to up your game and stay on top of the highly competitive world.

1. Enhance Your Brand Visibility

Voice search is the most evolving and popular technology used by Internet users and adopted by businesses worldwide. Technically voice search feature works in a conversational tone to respond to queries on Google.
To enhance brand visibility, digital marketers use long term keyphrases to respond to queries on Google. If you are website content is voice-search optimized, your brand will show on top and that’s how you attain credibility.
We can say that voice search is a way faster technology than text-based searches which leads to more customer engagements and better brand visibility.

2. Maximize the Website Traffic

As voice search technology continually thrives for many businesses, it significantly boosts your website traffic and brings quality leads too.
It can be accomplished through the content optimization technique. When a user searches on Google, your website appears at the top of the page, users engage with your content and ultimately it maximises your traffic, drives clicks and revenue.

3. Boost your SEO Rankings

As we know how SEO plays a crucial role in ranking your website on the top page of Google, voice search has entirely changed the digital marketing game in boosting your website ranking.
As per a credible news source, voice search in 2022 has. levelled up and will change the way your brand performs SEO. For that, you need to boost your domain authority and achieve Google featured snippet to get visible to your customers.

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4. High Conversions

With voice searches being used by digital marketers to market their products/services, customers find it easier to locate the store and product details through the voice search facility.
It remarkably helps digital marketers reap profitable outcomes, more customers, leads and successful sales as compared to text-based searches when a user requests a query on Google.

5. Better consumer engagements

One of the biggest impacts of voice search in digital marketing is it offers a more convenient and personalized user experience while talking to smart devices.

No more hassle to type long phrases, speak up what you want and you'll quickly get the results. Therefore, it amazingly helps all business sizes to expand their customer base and high customer engagements.

The Impact of the Boom in Voice Search on Local Searches

As per Semrush, voice search has become the dominant force to reckon with. Statistics says that 58% of local business use voice search.

Local SEO is soaring high and became an essential part of every business strategy. In fact, more than 46% of searches are local which implies that there are highly engaged buyers online.

If you have a local business, it is the time to make your brand visible on Google and adopt voice search to make it easy for the users to find your store when they search online.

This strategy incredibly works when you create content based on localized keywords. You can hire an SEO specialist or a consultant who knows the nitty gritties of local SEO optimization and you certainly see your brand flourish over the Internet.

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Final Thoughts

Before we wrap up, it is clear how voice search will change digital marketing game in the future. Brands find their voice through voice search optimization strategy to bring more web traffic, quality leads and revenue.

The emergence of voice search technologies Google Home, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Siri, Microsoft Cortana etc. has paved the way for traditional text-based searches.People are more inclined to voice search and expect quick results without having to scroll down the sites to make a pick. Voice search does it all for you.

Moreover, Big brands like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are continually upgrading this technology to make it easier and more convenient for users to search on the Internet.

But unfortunately, few companies are leveraging this amazing technology. Hence it is super important to tap the emerging trends and serve your audience looking for the right information on Google.

So, Is your business voice search ready? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which industries are most impacted by voice search assistants?

Ans. Ans. Restaurants/cafes, grocery stores, food delivery, clothing stores and hotels are the most impacted industries by voice search. So, if you are into these domains, make sure you have implemented a voice search digital marketing strategy for your business.

Q2.How is the voice search impacting India?

Ans. Ans. Research says over 90% of new users in India prefer voice search. There is a huge rise of local language users in India searching for nearby locations for myriad purposes like grocery stores, restaurants, shoe stores etc. Hence, voice search technology has become more localised and thus breaking the language barriers.

Q3.How is the content optimized for voice search?

Ans. Ans. Content needs to be conversational that involve questions like - Who, Why, What, When, and how. It should be direct and in sync with the user's search queries which ultimately gives desired results on Google.

Q4. How can your business get listed on Voice Search Alexa?

Ans. Ans. You can get your business listed on Voice search Alexa by registering on business listings sites like Yelp or Yext. Claim it and optimize it for Yelp to get listed. On the other hand, if you want your business to get listed on Siri, claim your listings on Foursquare, GoogleMyBusiness, Citysearch etc.