How playable ads boost brand awareness? Are they really helpful in making your brand successful over the Internet? Let’s take a closer look at the insights of this blog. Playable ads is a new form of digital marketing strategy exclusively designed for users to try an app without downloading it. They are extremely helpful in acquiring quality customers.

Reason being, users get the chance to experience the core app functionality in advance which in turn gains more trust, increases app installs and user acquisition rates.

How Playable Ads Boost Brand Awareness? Unravel Complete Insights Here

Research says, in-game ads are projected to increase by 14$ billion by 2028. Reason being, Playable ads advertising methods have substantially increased market growth and paced up after the pandemic crises.

This report is cited by and It further explains that the in-game advertising market will grow at a CAGR of 11.2 percent. So we can say that, playable ads are a perfect getaway for the mobile marketers to get ahead of the curve.

Going deeper about the facts, It has been found that 37 second video ads with video end cards are most effective for games as cited by Liftoff Mobile Ad Creative index report.

Another great example should be cited here is a popular OTT platform - Netflix. So, Netflix has executed playable ads methods also tied up with games for various shows to build brand awareness.

5 Incredible Ways Playable Ads Boost Brand Awareness

Playable ads are the cost effective advertising methods which is growing steadily in the digital world and one of the most popular marketing techniques for mobile advertisers. The interesting part about playable ads is that users have the control over the app without being an Ad watcher or installing an app.

Let’s understand how playable ads boost brand awareness and generate more customers in the booming digital world-

1. Facebook Playable Ads

One of the best and proven ways to boost your brand awareness is Facebook playable Ads. Reason being, it drives higher conversions, fast-results and visibility across the internet.

Facebook playable ads are created in a specific format. The ad appears in news feeds, stories and audience networks. Users can have real time experience of the app to determine whether to use it or not.

2. Product Related Promo

Playable ads that come in the form of promos are viral ads. These ads make a huge impact to a wider audience and incredibly boost brand reach.

This is accomplished by using interesting elements like cash prizes and competition in games. The remarkable effect of executing these elements gives excellent outcomes and they are visible on social media.

3. In-Flight Entertainment Ads

One of the most exciting and popular ways to make people aware about your brand is in-flight entertainment Ads which can be experienced in modern-day airline services.

It is found on a single device in the form of music, games, e-books and other forms of entertainment.This kind of playable ads generates high engagement and conversions.

4. Interstitials Ads

Interstitials advertising is a form rich interactive ad experience for the users on mobile apps. It is placed between content when the user is using the app.

This kind of Ad strategy can be implemented to attract user attention, high click through rates, better user experience and more brand awareness.

5. Ad in Reels Instagram

As the instagram reels is growing in popularity worldwide, we have now Ads in reels instagram. It’s a latest form of Ad that is executed through paid social media campaigns.

They are the most effective playable ad to experience better brand reach. Moreover, these ads appear in loops for 30 sec so that people will be able to like, comment and save them.

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More Insights: Why Playable Ads Are Important For Brand Awareness?

Playable Ads being tremendously used by mobile advertisers these days gives the flexibility to the customers to experience the entire functionality as a trial prior app installation. This kind of technique builds a lot of trust and increased awareness before making a final decision to download the app.

Moreover, we have creative Ads designed in specific dimension formats that generate high conversions and CTR (Click Through Rates) and contribute to high ROI to the business.

Here are significant reasons why playable Ads are beneficial for every business:

  • Boost Customer Retention Rates & Decreased Uninstalls
    One of the incredible reasons why playable ads are important for brand awareness is that when a user gets the real time experience and finally downloads the app, they become our loyal customers.

    Now users knows what to expect from the app which in turn lead to increased brand awareness, brand trust and decreased uninstall rates. These are extremely crucial factors we must be aware of.

  • Access to Deeper Data Insights
    Another remarkable reason why playable ads are important is that mobile advertisers can have detailed access to customer’s data insights through statistics.

    These statistics include player performance, customer behavior, taps at different touch points which are the KPIs. It offers greater insights and is extremely helpful in planning your next move.

Psychological Impact on Consumers Reaction Towards Playable Ads - Must Read

Playable ads have been widely used and a popular method for mobile marketers where consumers can directly experience the product without installing it.

A detailed research was conducted by Xiaohan and Kevin Vise in University of Illinois, USA to determine the psychological effect of playable ads on consumer attitude. This research is known as psychological reactance theory.

So, It was found that interactive playable ads compared to video ads increased customer’s perceived control and product attitude. This ultimately led to a more positive attitude towards the advertised products. For more details, head over to

Final Thoughts

Before we end this blog, we hope you’ve got enough clarity on this stance “how playable ads boost brand awareness”. The whole idea is to instill you the importance of playable ads for every brand success in the booming digital world. Yes, they are amazingly beneficial for brand awareness. In fact it has exploded in popularity over the last few years and paved the way for traditional and expensive advertising methods.

Furthermore, it is surprising to know the fact how playable ads are making a positive psychological impact on consumers mind which is undoubtedly an extremely crucial factor for every business to know. Time to tap the emerging trends, understand your potential and existing customers and make your business thrive with playable ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much revenue can be generated using playable ads?

Ans. It entirely depends on the genre of the app. To give you a fair idea, the average revenue per ad impression is 0.02$.

Q2. How are playable Ads made?

Ans. Playable ads comprises three elements - a game tutorial, gameplay and the end card (call to action). It requires a lot of time and cost of production to make a super effective, engaging and result-driven ad and then further track down the progress and see whether it is bringing conversions or not.

Q3. Are playable ads limited to gaming companies only?

Ans. Nope. They are not limited to gaming companies. In fact, Facebook has expanded three new interactive ad formats -
1. Polls ads
2. AR (Augumented Reality) Ads
3. Ads catering to all advertisers (not just for gaming brands)
Facebook ran an interactive poll ad to promote TV shows. This led to 1.6x increase in brand awareness as cited by Techcrunch report.