In today's world, brand social visibility needs more than just text and email to connect with people. They rely on exciting apps and video content to catch attention and build a strong brand image.

Video content has become super important for marketing. Wyzowl survey found that 87% of marketers believe using a video marketing strategy helps them get more leads.

Video-content-marketing- statistics

Also, 82% say video marketing techniques make people stay on their websites longer.


Videos aren't just fun; they also help turn viewers into buyers. If you want to learn how to use video content for marketing, our guide is here to help. Jump on the blog and elevate your video content game!

Meaning Video Marketing With A Live Campaign Example

Video content marketing is a smart way to promote products, brands, or services by using videos to grab and keep people's attention. For example, Old Spice, a company that sells products for men's grooming, has used this strategy successfully by creating videos that get people talking. In one of their most popular videos, they ask viewers to smell their partners and then compare the smell to the man in the video.

This unusual approach caught a lot of people's attention and even spawned its own KnowYourMeme page. This shows how powerful video content can be. They make viewers do something and result in 52% more people interacting with them compared to videos or posts that don't move.

Top Benefits of Video Marketing


Here are the top ways in which video may help your company expand, generate more revenue, and win over more consumers.

  1. Videos Enhance Search Engine Results

    Perhaps you've noticed that video results show up rather often in Google searches and that they tend to be shown prominently toward the top of the page. For instance, the second result on page one of Google for the search term "video marketing" is a video. When publishing your films online, follow standard procedures for search engine optimization.

  2. Video is a Great Tool for Boosting Demand

    Video content helps you generate leads and increase engagement. The average time a visitor spends on a page improves when video is included on the homepage, landing pages, or product pages of a website. For instance, an effective strategy for gathering email addresses from your Video content marketing is to host a webinar that is so valuable that attendees must register to participate. Boom! Acquiring leads immediately.

  3. Account-based Marketing Benefits from Video

    It makes sense for every company to provide personalized video content to its target audience. Every day, CEOs and other high-level decision-makers are inundated with hundreds of communications. Including videos in your email marketing campaigns might be a great way to spice up your communication.

5 Widely Adopted Formats for Video Content Marketing


The advantages of content marketing have now been recognised by B2B organisations. Here are a few reasons why B2B content marketing is essential for those who aren't already convinced.

  1. Explainer Videos

    Explainer videos, also known as product explainer videos, are a popular type of video content marketing. This video marketing strategy is good when creating video marketing content on a budget. It is extensively adopted by every type of business.

  2. Benefits of Explainer Videos -

    • Inform potential buyers about your offerings
    • Showcase the value of your product or service
    • Foster lead generation
    • Facilitate customer nurturing
  3. Promo Videos

    A promo video marketing strategy is extensively used worldwide. It is a concise and dynamic clip created by businesses to generate excitement and awareness for events, content assets, or other offerings.

  4. Benefits of Promo Videos -

    • Boost brand awareness
    • Spark social media interest
    • Direct traffic to blogs or landing pages
    • Aid lead generation efforts
  5. FAQ Videos

    FAQ video content marketing is a burgeoning trend adopted by businesses to provide customer support by addressing frequently asked questions from users.

  6. Benefits of FAQ Videos -

    • Troubleshoot technical issues and FAQs
    • Enable self-service for buyers
  7. Brand and Culture Videos

    Brand and culture video content are marketing materials that showcase your company's identity, values, and mission. They can be of various content forms such as holiday greetings, about us, recruiting, and company culture videos.

  8. Benefits of Brand and Culture Videos -

    • Display company identity and values
    • Build brand loyalty
    • Appeal to customers and employees
  9. Customers Testimonials Videos

    Customer testimonials and video content are the key and vital for the success of video content marketing. Creating and showcasing the journey and satisfaction of the customers into compelling narratives using videos can level up your content game.

  10. Benefits of Customers' Testimonials Videos -

    • Aid buyers in evaluating choices
    • Present practical product applications to address concerns
    • Establish credibility through proven success stories

Step-by-Step Guide For Creating Video Marketing Strategy Rightly

  1. Streamlining Video Content With An Audit Strategy

    To begin a video marketing strategy, the people involved review all the video content the company has made to ensure it aligns with what the business wants and how it wants to be seen. They use a template to decide whether to keep, modify, or consistently delete each video.

  2. In short, the entire audit process involves four main steps:

    • Know business goals and the video's role.
    • Review existing videos for relevance.
    • Determine each video's sales role.
    • Identify gaps for new videos.
  3. Defining Video Goals

    Before beginning corporate video content marketing, set clear goals and ways to track success. Involve key stakeholders to ensure alignment and clearly communicate objectives to the production company as video content ideas directly impact its creation and distribution.

  4. To make it easier for you, corporate video content goals can include:

    • Making people aware of products or services - measured by how many times the video is watched.
    • Getting more people to visit your website. Creating more leads.
    • Making job applications better.
    • Answering fewer customer questions. Making conversion rates better.
  5. Crafting Target Audience Personas

    To create a batch of video content ideas that resonate with your audience, it's important to understand who you're trying to reach. Go beyond basic demographics and delve into their motivations, fears, passions, and goals.

  6. For instance, you can consider the following assumptions:

    • What ignites their passion?
    • What keeps them awake at night?
    • What drives them?
    • What are their aspirations?
    • How do they prefer to receive communication?
    • What sparks inspiration in them?

    Now, create detailed profiles for the different types of people you want to reach. If you're targeting different groups, make sure to create specific profiles for each one before hiring a video company to ensure your video content connects well with them.

  7. Defining a Singular Core Message

    Now to define and frame your single core message, you need to break your entire video content ideas into subsections which include:

  8. Step 1: SWOT Analysis:

    Analyze your products and services, pinpointing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Create a SWOT analysis for each.

    Step 2: Video Content Strategy:

    Focus your video content production efforts on areas identified as opportunities during the SWOT analysis. These areas represent potential ways to improve product or service marketing.

    Step 3: Addressing Brand Perception Issues:

    If any brand perception issues are discovered, use video content to showcase a different side of your organization that counters those perceptions.

    Step 4: Core Message for Videos:

    Define a single, clear core message for each video. Communicate this message effectively when working with a video content production company. Their proposals should align with and reinforce this central theme.

  9. Setting a Video Production Budget

    When creating video marketing content on a budget consider the project's size and complexity. Your budget affects the quality of the video. For instance, shorter video content is less expensive. Let the production company know your budget so they can work within it and suggest ways to maximize your investment. Hubspot states to allocate about 20% of your total budget for video content marketing.

  10. Timing of Video Delivery

    Finally, when planning your video marketing strategy, think about releasing video content ideas during company events to align with other marketing activities. Plan in advance and if you have deadlines, provide the video content brief to the production companies at least 8 weeks before you need the video ready. Starting early ensures your videos are finished and ready to share with your audience on time.

    So, this was all about the video marketing strategy. I hope you've got the gist of what to do next. That's great! Let's know the latest trends to help you out in winning the video content game.

3 Latest Video Content Marketing to Watch in 2024

  1. Personalized Videos:


    To get the fullest benefits of video marketing, using personalized videos can be a game-changer in video content marketing. By creating videos that match the interests of their audience, brands can make their content more engaging and strengthen their relationships with customers.

  2. Shoppable Videos:


    Shoppable video marketing techniques are also on the rise. These videos make it easy for viewers to buy products directly from the video they're watching, making the shopping experience more convenient and seamless.

  3. Live Streaming:


    Live streaming has become a popular trend in video content marketing. It allows brands to connect with their audiences instantly. Brands can use live streaming to engage directly with their fans by using video marketing examples like answering questions, giving behind-the-scenes looks, and revealing new products.

Wrapping Up

The evidence is clear: Video content marketing is not just the present but also the future of modern marketing. So, why wait any longer? Begin planning and executing your video marketing strategy today to secure the competitive advantage you've been seeking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is video marketing in high demand?

Ans. HubSpot's 2023 State of Marketing Report says that video is still the most popular and effective type of media for the fourth year running.

2. How powerful are video ads?

Ans. Video ads are great because they help people recall brands better and get more involved than ads with just pictures or words.

3. Can video editing enhance marketing strategies?

Ans. Editing videos is really important for marketing and ads because it helps companies make content that looks good and grabs people's attention while getting their message across well.