Writing isn't exclusive to the B2B sector. Content is a crucial element of why website visitors become prospects and prospects become customers regardless of the company's business model, size, or market. Shoppers of all stripes (individuals and businesses alike) are more educated and discerning than ever before. They are completely lost if the information fails to resonate with them. As a result, B2B companies need a solid content marketing strategy that leads clients to conversion. The traditional functions of video in the workplace, such as educating employees on how to serve customers and close sales better, have expanded. It's crucial for reaching out to potential B2B clients and expanding your company. You can click here to learn how to create an effective content marketing strategy. The following figures reveal exciting facts:

  • According to wyzowl, in 2020, almost all video marketers (95%) plan to spend more on video than they did in 2019.

  • According to wyzowl, the vast majority (87%) of LinkedIn video marketers say that it is an efficient method.

  • According to wyzowl, when researching a product or service, 72% of consumers would rather watch a video than reading text.

It allows you to interact with your target market on social media, deliver webinars that aid consumers in making purchasing decisions, and conduct product demonstrations to potential interest customers. Don't limit the potential of video marketing to just expanding your brand's online profile. Video usage throughout the sales process, from generating leads to encouraging customers to make a purchase, is quite beneficial.

What are the benefits of video content marketing?

Video marketing has many advantages, but here are three advantages that can help your company.

  • Videos enhance search engine results

    Perhaps you've noticed that video results show up rather often in Google searches, and that they tend to be shown prominently towards the top of the page. For instance, the second result on page one of Google for the search term "video marketing" is a video. When publishing your films online, follow standard procedures for search engine optimization.

  • Video is a great tool for boosting demand

    Video may help you generate leads and increase engagement. According to Animoto's most recent yearly study, almost all (93%) companies gained a client via using social media videos. Also, the average time a visitor spends on a page improves when video is included on the homepage, landing pages, or product pages of a website. Keeping your audience interested is a certain way to boost your sales. An effective strategy for gathering email addresses from your video marketing is to host a webinar that is so valuable that attendees must register in order to participate. Boom! Acquiring leads immediately.

  • Account-based marketing benefits from video

    It makes sense for a B2B company to provide personalised video content to its target audience. Every day, CEOs and other high-level decision-makers are inundated with hundreds of communications. Including videos in your email marketing campaigns might be a great way to spice up your communication.

Why is video important in B2B marketing?

Here are the top ways in which video may help your company expand, generate more revenue, and win over more consumers.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) may benefit from video

    A higher number of people will watch and be interested in your videos if they are of great quality, which will ultimately improve your site traffic. Google uses metrics like traffic and click-through rates as part of their algorithm. The more the site's visibility in SERPs, the greater the volume of traffic it will get. Machine learning at Google is always improving, and now the search engine can identify hundreds of individual images inside a movie. The Google API for Video Intelligence may be used to create a database of video-related terms. This may have a major impact on search engine rankings. Video is also helpful for search engine optimization since it is adaptable across devices. Many video platforms, like, that automatically adapt to the user's device's screen size and are suited for mobile viewing allow you to reach a wider audience. Google's ranking system is beginning to prioritise video-heavy web pages. Because of this, firms should prioritise integrating films into their digital marketing plan.

  2. Video makes site visitors stay on the website for more time

    Users spend more time watching videos than reading text on websites. Because of this, it's clear that embedding videos on your site's pages may enhance users' engagement with your content. This might be due to the fact that watching videos is generally more pleasurable than reading text. There's also the possibility that individuals are more likely to remember what they've learned from a video explanation. Product videos, how-tos, and demonstrations are a great way to expand your audience and keep your current customers engaged. VideoWise's shoppable films may also be used to increase revenue from online stores.

  3. Videos are fascinating

    Video captures and retains attention better than text does. Why? A video's audio and visual elements work together to create a heightened experience. Videos have both audio and visual motion. Videos are more memorable than written texts because the brain processes visual information first.

Why content marketing is important for B2B?

The advantages of content marketing have now been recognised by B2B organisations. Here are a few reasons why B2B content marketing is essential for those who aren't already convinced.

  • There are more potential leads

    You may increase your lead generation efforts by centering your efforts on the value of your goods and services provided to clients. White papers, infographics, and ebooks are all excellent examples of "lead magnets." If you require users to fill out a form before they can access the material, you may ensure that your sales team gets information from qualified leads (also known as "warm" leads) with whom it can continue the sales process.

  • Better opportunities for making sales

    Businesses like to do business with reputable, established firms. An increase in the likelihood of a prospect becoming a client may be attributed to the implementation of an effective content strategy for your B2B audience.

  • Brand recognition equals product visibility, or brand exposure.

    Your brand's worth is proportional to its visibility. To keep your brand "top of mind" among potential customers in your target market, it's important to get the word out to as many people as possible about what it stands for. Social networking may be a great way to get your name out there. There is a reason why people are interested in what your brand has to offer. They can't leave the room. Take advantage of this by formulating well-thought-out strategies to promote new releases, blog posts, landing sites, demos, events, webinars, offers, etc. through social media. The more people are made aware of something, the more likely they are to change their minds.

  • It sets up a framework

    Producing content just for the purpose of it, on a whim, is the worst way to go about it. Your business-to-business (B2B) content marketing initiatives will succeed only if you give them careful thought and preparation. It might be quarterly, semiannually, or annually. No of the route you choose, a well-thought-out strategy will provide your company a solid foundation on which to build its success.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to simplify complex ideas, provide prospective clients with useful information about your company, and generate material that can be used in other mediums is via the use of video. Why not think about it and research to see whether video will help you achieve your marketing objectives and expand your online following? If you have any questions or want to chat about video marketing, just let know at Cronbay. Get in touch with them by clicking here to find out how to use business-to-business (B2B) video to its full potential for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Exactly how efficient are online video commercials?

Ans. When compared to static images, video advertising provides more potential for interaction and conversion for businesses. The inclusion of a video advertisement in a product description has been shown to enhance sales on both Amazon and eBay.

2. Is there an ideal length for a promotional video?

Ans. Keeping marketing videos under two minutes is a good rule of thumb, but this might change based on the platform you're using to distribute or embed the video as well as the message you're trying to convey.